Tales of the Sword Coast

The path to Nightstone

An unlikely meeting

On the modern calendar of 27 September, the soon-to-be-heroes take the road to Nightstone. 

Along the way a small keep floating on a cloud heads away from the party to the north.  The sharp eyes of Nivah notice a large black shard hanging below the keep.  Seiro was anxious to see where that keep upon a cloud might be heading, but the party was on foot, and had no chance to keep pace with the fast moving cloud.  The keep eventually was lost into the distance and the cloud cover, so the party went on with its plan to get to Nightstone.

Once there they noticed no movement around the town, and aside from a loud bell ringing there was no sign of life.  As they moved across the drawbridge and into the center square they noticed large rocks slammed into the ground around them.  The bloody foot of one unlucky soul stuck out from under one of the nearby rocks.  And the bell kept ringing.

Before they got far into the town they noticed two large Worgs were feasting on a corpse.  It did not take long before the Worgs grew tired of their meal and decided to add some new flavors to it.  The battle was short, and the Worgs were unable to add any new flavors to their last meal.  And the bell kept ringing.

Finally they moved into the small temple to find what was ringing the bell and found two goblins, Beedo and Vark, gleefully swinging on the rope leading to the bell.  The heroes found not amusement in the swinging and murdered the hapless Goblins in a fit of butchery. 

Nightstone has barely been touched by the party, and there are many more sights to be seen.  But the bell has stopped ringing.



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