Tales of the Sword Coast

Captain Morgan's Log #2

1-2: Gumgum

Session 2 – 10/11/16

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis – Early Afternoon


Our party are investigating the town of Nightstone which has been devastated by a mysterious attack. It is currently mid-afternoon, and the sun is starting to head toward the western horizon. The party decide they really need to figure out what happened here, and quickly.


The party heads out of the trashed temple where the bell was ringing. There are numerous buildings around the town, but no signs of life. Ahead of them is a large two-story building with a sign on the exterior that proclaims it to be the Nightstone Inn. While most of the party heads over to the inn, Captain Morgan investigates the large hole in the ground outside. He rolls a natural 1 on his Investigation check and concludes that "It's a hole".


Silas peers through the open double doors at the front of the inn. He can see a large dining room strewn with wreckage of tables and chairs. A rock has crashed in through the roof and second story. There's a dead goblin that seems to have been shot with a crossbow bolt. At the back of the room there are stairs that go up, and a door leads to the back of the building. Thomas listens and hears the sound of rummaging coming from the back of the inn. He steps back and motions Silas in.


Captain Morgan also enters the room, and he attempts to leap up and hang from the hole, but he rolls a natural 1 on his Acrobatics check, followed by another natural 1 (his third in a row!). He falls down and has the wind knocked out of him for 1 point of damage. Lying on the ground, he takes a swig of run while he considers the situation. Meanwhile, Nivah sneaks over to the door. She cracks it open a hair and listens – and everyone hears the sound of glass breaking and someone scrambling!


Surprise Round

Assuming that there is an intruder trying to escape out the rear windows, Captain Morgan and Thomas dash out the front of the inn and run in separate directions around the building. Silas strides forward, pushes Nivah to the side and kicks the door open. He discovers the inn's kitchen and pantry, which have been ransacked. All of the cupboards are open, and utensils and foodstuffs are strewn about. One corner of the room has been destroyed by a falling rock and is open to the outside. He can see two goblins trying to scramble out the window, and shouts for them to freeze. They are intimidated, but keep scrambling. Nivah tries to shoot an arrow in their clothing and pin them down, but barely misses.


Round 1

Thomas comes around the corner of the building to discover one goblin halfway out of the window. He reaches out and grabs it with a watery tentacle, yanking it out the window and squishing him for a grisly 13 points of damage. The goblin's head is violently separated from his body. Captain Morgan sprints around the corner to see a squished headless goblin lying on the ground next to him. "Not again!", he groans, and takes another drink of run.


Inside the inn, Siero approaches defensively and says "My friend controls the ghosts…" as a warning. The goblin isn't intimidated and climbs out the window, past Thomas and Captain Morgan, and runs away west towards a nearby watchtower. Two arrows shoot from this watchtower, one of them striking Thomas with a grievous wound. He cries out in pain, "I'm hit, boys! Come for me!". Silas moves through the kitchen and out through the hole in the wall, clambering over where the rock is, to shield Thomas. Nivah breaks open a window and shoots through it at the goblins in the watchtower, but they are in cover and the arrow hits the parapet they are hiding behind.


Round 2

Thomas uses the hand of Jones to attack the running goblin but misses, then takes cover behind the crypt. Captain Morgan sprints after the disappearing goblin, but isn't quite able to catch him. Siero climbs through the window that Nivah broke open, scurries to Thomas' side and heals him partially for 3 points.


The goblin who was running away feels emboldened by the presence of his archer friends and turns to attack the Captain, but fails. The archers also shoot at Captain Morgan, who dodges, and Silas who bounces the arrow off his shield. Silas moves up and tries to knock out the goblin runner with the flat of his sword, cracking him a solid blow on the temple, but he's still upright. Nivah moves up to next to the crypt and takes an aimed shot, taking out one of the goblin archers with an arrow to the eye. The archer flies back and lies staring up at the sky.


Round 3

Thomas steps out from behind the crypt, uses the hand of Jones to attack the remaining goblin archer for 5 points, then steps back. Captain Morgan clonks the stunned goblin on the head with the pommel of his rapier, and he drops like a sack of wheat. Siero sprints into the watchtower, opening the door, and starts climbing up the ladder. The last goblin archer, seeing one of his friends incapacitated and the other dead, throws his bow out of the watchtower and cowers in the corner. Silas also enters the watchtower and climbs to the top of the ladder.


Round 4

Captain Morgan uses his sailor's knot-tying expertise to bind the goblin that he captured with a rope. Siero climbs up and tries to soothe the goblin archer, but his diplomacy skills are better suited to forest animals, and winds up screeching and grunting at the goblin. This freaks out the goblin so much that he draws his scimitar and attacks Silas with a panicked swing, doing 4 points of damage through a weak point in his armor. Silas is enraged by this, and swings back, but the goblin dodges. Nivah loots the goblin runner and finds some cooking utensils and food but nothing else of interest.


Round 5

Captain Morgan feeds the incapacitated goblin some rum to wake him up, and uses Persuasion to try and calm him down. Meanwhile, Siero uses his Shillelagh to club the remaining archer and kills him.


After the combat is concluded, Captain Morgan tries to interrogate the goblin in Common, with limited success.

"What's your name, little feller?"


"We're going to let you go, and you can keep your loot."

"Gumgum cheese?"

"Yes, cheese. Tell us everything you saw here today."

"Gumgum boss… Hark!"

"Where… is Hark?"

"Hark boss. Big cave." <Gumgum indicates to the north.>

"Rocks. What happened? Rock fall?"

"Rock! Rock fall!"


Thomas is frustrated with the progress of the interrogation, and tries to intimidate Gumgum by whispering telepathically to him in his mind. This makes Gumgum very freaked out and all he will say is "Boss Hark. Cave. North!"


Meanwhile, Silas and Siero loot the bodies. Siero clambers down out of the watchtower carrying some arrows, and wearing a leather goblin skullcap that slips down over his eyes. He gives the arrows to Nivah.


The party free Gumgum's feet so that he can walk, and he leads the party back to the inn. They retrieve his loot sack, which just has random food stuffs and some junk – a cooked chicken, a cracked hourglass, two flasks of oil, and some cooking herbs. Captain Morgan takes one of the flasks of oil, which makes Gumgum mad, but he deals with it after realizing that he's surrounded by heavily armed adventurers.


Captain Morgan starts searching the pantry for liquor. Silas and Thomas head upstairs in the inn to investigate the private rooms. Silas finds an empty room with a desk, wardrobe, etc, while Thomas enters the destroyed room that the rock plunged through. He discovers a human woman in the room, hiding in the shadows. She says her name is Kella Darkhope, and that she was knocked unconscious during the attack and just woke up recently; she has a scalp wound to confirm her story. Siero notices that she has a flying snake wrapped around her arm – maybe it's some kind of familiar? Siero gets really excited and starts trying to talk to the snake, and examining Kella's wound. Kella tries to interpose her body and keep the snake away from him while he tends to her. Silas is suspicious of Kella, and says they should all go downstairs.


Captain Morgan has found a bottle of whisky in the pantry, and set up a table and chairs in the dining room so that he can have a quick drink. The party regroup and learn more about Kella. She is a travelling monk of Lathander, and arrived in town about a day ago to worship at the temple. She claims not to know what happened, because she was knocked out while she was sleeping – although Siero is suspicious because her injuries aren't completely consistent with her story. On a hunch, Nivah goes to the dead goblin with the crossbow bolt and identifies that the bolt has grey feathered fletching that matches Kella's crossbow. When confronted with this, Kella admits that she shot the goblin right before the party got there, but says she really did wake up only a few minutes earlier. Captain Morgan uses Insight and decides he doesn’t trust her. He asks Kella to give up her weapons until they can confirm her story further.


Kella, Gumgum and the party all go outside. Kella recognizes the hole in the ground and says "Oh my God the Nightstone is missing!". She says the Nightstone was a huge shard of obsidian that was in the middle of town, and gave the town its name. The party are becoming openly distrustful of Kella. She says she has no reason to stay in town now and wants to leave at the nearest opportunity. Captain Morgan says nobody should be caught on the roads at night with goblins in the area, so he thinks she should stay the night in town with them. She replies "Suuure, I can watch over you while you sleep." Nobody thinks this is a good idea. Siero is becoming confused and frustrated at the deception, which he doesn't understand at all.


Thomas and Siero realize that they haven't finished searching the remaining two rooms upstairs, so they remain at the inn while the rest of the party goes to the stables. The rest of the party goes to the stables. The stable has a sign that says "The Nadars of Nightstone" over the door. Inside it has a dirt floor, with six stalls containing five draft horses. The horses look as though they have been pretty spooked by the attack, but are now starting to calm down. There's a bunch of riding tack on the walls. Towards the back of the stables, there are two ladders that lead up to a loft. As the party enters, an arrow comes down and strikes Silas in the shoulder, hurting him badly for 5 points!


Round 1

Kella and Gumgum take cover outside the stables. The goblin in the loft is hunkered down in cover behind a hay bale. He fires another arrow down at Silas that misses. Silas moves in and takes cover under the loft. Nivah shoots at the goblin but hits the hay bale instead. Captain Morgan tells a dirty limerick, invoking Tasha's Hideous Laughter upon the weak-willed goblin, which falls to the ground shrieking in hilarity.


Round 2

The goblin is still laughing. Silas moves up the ladder and attacks him, but even though the goblin is prone and incapacitated the wound to the shoulder doesn't kill him. Captain Morgan moves over to the loft and use Acrobatics to leap and grab onto the hayloft.


Round 3

The goblin stops laughing and tries to get up. Silas swings at him but misses. Nivah shoots an arrow at the wounded goblin, who is now out of cover. She hits him in the back and kills him. Gumgum cries out "Derp!!" in grief at seeing his friend killed.


After combat, while Silas searches the bodies, Captain Morgan and Nivah feel bad for Gumgum. They give him his sack of food and let him go. He runs out over the drawbridge. Silas finds that the goblin was carrying a sack, with nothing of value in it besides a small box. The box has the crest of the Lionshield Coster on it, and it contains ten silvered darts.


The party regroups at the inn. Captain Morgan tries to use his charm on Kella by offering her a drink. Thomas has found a locked chest upstairs but he and Siero have been unable to open it. Nivah tries to pick the lock of the chest but fails. Frustrated, Silas kicks the chest out of the hole, and it falls into the dining room, crashes into the ground and pops open. Inside, there is a set of dwarven chainmail, a helmet inscribed with dwarven runes, a leather bag with 45gp, 2x 100gp gemstones, and a potion. The party takes a short rest to heal.




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