Tales of the Sword Coast

Captain Morgan's Log #4
1-4: Swords and Squirrels

Session 4 – 12/06/16

Campaign Day 3 – 18th Eleasis – Morning

The party spend their first night in the town of Nightstone camped out in the Nightstone Inn. They still aren't sure they trust Kella, and they have a live goblin prisoner as well, so there are two people awake on watch at any time both at the inn and in one of the town's guard towers. The night passes uneventfully.


The day dawns on the 18th day of Eleasis (Highsun), the eighth month. The party and Kella wake up and eat an improvised breakfast in the common room, while they divide the loot they have collected. The dwarf-sized armor won't fit anybody so they keep it aside for now. Siero takes the potion of healing that they found on the big goblin, because he's mobile and hard to kill, so he's a good choice to reviving party members who go down. Silas takes the potion of heroism that they found upstairs in the inn, in case he needs to be a hero!


Captain Morgan is drinking a liquid breakfast and chatting with Kella. He claims that "if we're going to be travelling together, we should turn over a new leaf and establish a friendship", but the conversation turns into something of an interrogation.

Morgan: "So why exactly did you come to Nightstone? I can't see any reason why anybody would travel this far out."

Kella: "I told you, I came to visit the Temple of Lathander. Also, the Nightstone has some spiritual significance for me. Did you know that it radiates magic? Nobody has ever figured out what it's for."

Morgan: "Did anyone send you here on their behalf?"

Kella: "No, I just decided on my own to come."

Morgan: "And you have no memory whatsoever of the attack?"

Kella: "Unfortunately not, it all happened while I was upstairs, and I was knocked out by the rock that crashed through my room. So I never saw anything."

Morgan: "So how do you explain the goblin that we found dead here in the inn, with a crossbow bolt in his back that matches the ones you were carrying?"

Kella: "Um… I don't explain it."


At this point Captain Morgan casts Charm Person on her, hoping to gain her trust. Kella is caught off guard and succumbs to the spell.

Morgan: "Siero, can you bring that crossbow bolt over here? …. Look, it has grey fletching on it. Let's compare it to the ones that you have."

Kella: "What crossbow bolts?"

Morgan: "The ones in your quiver right there."

Kella: "Oh, THOSE crossbow bolts. Here you go. They do look very similar."

Morgan: "So how do you explain the goblin getting shot with your crossbow, if you were unconscious?"

Kella: "I don't know."


Captain Morgan is frustrated that his magical rapport with Kella doesn't seem to be sufficient to let him fully into her confidence. He drops the line of questioning and wonders what's going to happen when the spell wears off and she realizes what he did to her… but he isn't really one to dwell on consequences.


Meanwhile, the party is getting ready to head out and investigate the town further. Old Tom has taken off his leather armor and isn't wearing it any longer, claiming that his god has granted him "the mystical armor of the deep". Siero is quite impressed. The rest of the party eyes Tom nervously.


After girding themselves and gathering weapons, the party heads to the keep. There's no sign of movement in the abandoned town. They reach the keep and find that the only access to it is over a large bridge, about seventy feet long and ten feet wide. However, a rock has smashed into it and destroyed a large section in the middle. Captain Morgan uses his sailor's knowledge of timber construction to determine that the bridge looks relatively sound and should hold their weight. He makes an Acrobatics check to leap across and catch himself on the far side. Silas throws him a rope that he ties off, and the rest of the party use the rope to jump across. Tom is not very acrobatic, but he somehow manages to make it over the gap!


At this point the party realize that they forgot about Kella and the goblin prisoner Derp, who are still on the far side of the gap. Captain Morgan goes back to talk to the goblin in broken Common Tongue, while the party waits impatiently.


Morgan: "Why come town?"

Derp: "Hark send."

"Where Hark?"

"Hark cave."

"Where cave? Which way?"

"<points> North."

"<point at rock> What happen?"

"Don't know."

"Did you see rock fall?"

"Rock here!"

"Hark cave. How many?"

The goblin looks confused. Morgan uses some coins as props to indicate numbers.

The goblin eventually understands and makes a pile of about 30 coins.

"That many goblin."

"You tell Hark. Stay away. Or we kill him."

"Me tell Hark?" (wide eyes) "Me no tell Hark."

"We live here. We kill goblins."

"You kill many goblins!"

"You tell goblins. They come here. We kill them."

"Me tell."

"You go now."

The goblin hurriedly scampers away and leaves town by the main gate.


Captain Morgan helps Kella and they both come back across the gap. Meanwhile, Nivah has been scouting ahead stealthily to see what lies within the keep. There is a large circular stone wall around the keep, roughly eight feet high. The bridge terminates at a gatehouse, and the gates are closed.


Silas gives Nivah a boost so that she can sneakily look over the wall. Seeing no enemies, she climbs up onto the parapet adjacent to the gatehouse. There are two gate towers on either side of the entrance, and the one nearest her has been smashed by a rock, its broken stonework walls gaping open to reveal a guards' barracks. There are at least three dead human guards on the ground lying amongst the rubble and broken bunk beds. Nivah calls down "There's nobody here, they're all dead".


Tom tries to open the gates, and they open easily; they're heavy but not barred. The party walks into an open courtyard surrounding a central keep. Numerous rocks have come crashing down and struck the courtyard and keep; there is a lot of structural damage and part of the keep has collapsed. There are no other buildings in the courtyard, just the parapet surrounding the keep. It is eerily quiet with no sign of movement.


Tom, Silas and Captain Morgan search the gatehouses. They find common guards' possessions, clothing and some simple weapons. Captain Morgan helps himself to a spare set of studded leather armor and three daggers, reasoning that he's helping to defend the keep, so that makes him an honorary guard, doesn't it?


The party approaches the keep, wending their way through the corpses of several more guards that have been killed by falling rocks. Silas opens the front doors to reveal the great hall, whose roof has collapsed. Over half of the hall is buried in rubble, and more dead guards are here. There might be a body wearing noble finery sticking out from under a rock near the head of the hall. It's quiet with no sounds anywhere. Captain Morgan calls out loudly "Hello – any survivors? We're here to rescue you!" Nivah hears a reaction – there is a shushing from the left door and the sounds of rummaging hastily suppressed.


Silas moves over to the door, and tries the latch, but the door doesn't move, it's blocked by an object. He calls out "We're here to help! Is anyone in there?" After a bit of diplomacy, the suspicious residents are convinced that these newcomers aren't goblins, and they decide to open the door. Inside, there are five civilians, a dwarf wearing fine clothing, and a wounded guard lying down and receiving healing.


The party enters, and the dwarf runs up to them, exclaiming "Thank Lathander! You ran off all the goblins! Are you sure you got them all?". Silas takes the lead for the party, starting to question the dwarf.


"Who am I speaking with, sir?"

"I am Morak Urdray!"

"I'm afraid to say, sir, there's been a bit of structural damage to your town. We think the town is now clear of enemies, at least as far as we know, although we haven't swept every single building. The goblins have already attempted one counter-attack, but we laid a trap for them and repulsed their force. Was it just goblins that attacked your town, sir?"

"No, there was an attack by giants earlier yesterday, and then the goblins attacked shortly thereafter. We were the few who were lucky enough to be close to the keep and could get inside when the attack started."

"Morak, we found this woman in your inn. Do you know each other?"

"Yes, she's a guest of mine, and has been staying there for a few days. What's the condition of my inn?"

"There's some damage to the upper floor, but it should be salvageable. Where is Lady Nadar, sir?"

"Sadly, she was in the Great Hall when the giants attacked, and she was crushed by the rockfall when the roof came down." (Captain Morgan winces when he hears this.)

"What did you see of the attack?"

The civilians chime in at this point. "We didn't see a lot before we ran to the keep. There was a cloud flying against the wind, with some kind of keep on top of it. That makes us think of cloud giants, but we haven't heard of cloud giants in this area for hundreds of years! Several giants came down and attacked the guards, quickly overrunning the town, while others secured the Nightstone."

"Can you describe these giants? What do they look like?"

"We were all too scared to spend much time looking at them. They were huge, throwing rocks, and killing people!"

"Why do you think these giants would want the Nightstone?"

Morak says, "We've been trying to figure out the Nightstone for generations. We know it's magical – it's warm to the touch, and mages are always interested in it – but we don't know anything about it. We haven't noticed anything that changed about the Nightstone recently."

"Did you get any warning before the attack?"

"No – just the cloud moving before the wind."

"Are there any strangers who arrived in town recently?"

"Just this woman Kella, who showed up a few days ago. We had a couple of hunters who come by every once in a while."

"Did you get a sense for where the goblins came from?"

"We've been having goblin problems for a while … not just goblins, but hobgoblins and bugbears, as well. We know there's a cave somewhere to the north, but we don't know exactly where."

"What's your plan at this point, what's next for all of you?"

Morak says, "My roots have been here in Nightstone for far too long. You say the inn looks salvageable – if we can make it work here, we're going to try and stay. We'll need resources and people, though."


Silas looks through the sack that he's been keeping the party's loot in, and finds the items that were taken from Morak's room at the inn. He gives Morak back his dwarven chainmail and helmet. However, Morak refuses to accept the potion, gemstones and the money, saying that the party should keep them as a reward for liberating his inn. The party decide that they should help the civilians make sure the town really is clear. Nivah asks Kella what she wants to do. She says she'll tend the wounds of the guard, he needs skilled attention to recover.


The party decide to look through the other rooms in the keep. It's suffered significant damage, but there's a kitchen, a den, a library, an upstairs hall with rich carpets and paintings, and coming off the upstairs hallway are some large locked double doors. Morak says that the locked doors lead to Lady Nadar's master bedroom. Captain Morgan takes some time to poke around the kitchen looking for run, but it's pretty destroyed and he winds up frustrated. Meanwhile, Silas and Tom look through the library to see if they can find any books about the Nightstone. It's a huge room with several tiers of shelves covered in books – it would take multiple days to do any in-depth research.


The party regroups at the locked doors to the master bedroom, and Nivah uses a set of thieves' tools to pick the lock, raising a few eyebrows. When asked how she knows to do that, she mutters something about a misspent childhood. Opening the doors, the party find a nicely appointed room, with tapestries and oil lamps on the walls. There are wolfskin rugs on the floor, and a large bed with an ornate headboard sculpted with images of roses and foxes. Around the walls there are four wardrobes; there's a large wooden chest at the foot of the bed; and a nicely made longsword mounted above the door.


Nivah opens the wardrobes and finds a lot of nice, fancy women's clothes. She takes a slinky red dress in case she needs to "do any spy stuff later". Silas opens the chest; as he does so, the sword that was hanging over the door flies into the air and attacks him!


Round 1

Thomas tries to grab the sword with a tentacle, which fails to grab the sword as it dances and jigs in the air. He decides the safest place is for him to retreat back through the doors. Silas draws his weapon and tries to attack the sword, but it dodges his flailing attack, slashing him on the shoulder for 6 points. Nivah casts Hunter's Mark on the sword, and shoots an arrow at it, which misses completely. Captain Morgan tries to slap the sword out of the air with his rapier but fails. Siero leaps up and tries to grab the sword, which Captain Morgan cheers on with Bardic Inspiration. He grapples the sword and successfully holds on for dear life, hanging on to the sword as it flies around the room – now more slowly with a gnome dangling from its hilt!


Round 2

Thomas again tries to grab the sword with a tentacle but fails. Silas swings and connects with the sword for a solid smack, dealing 13 points of damage, which staggers the sword and flings it back across the room. Siero hangs on for dear life! The sword flies back and attacks Silas, but he dodges it. Nivah takes a steely aim down her Hunter's Mark, and nails the sword with an arrow dead center. It drops to the ground and lies still.


Siero is very confused about what's happening with the flying sword. "So it's dead now? Was it always dead? What's going on here?" Tom investigates the sword and says "The magical essence that animated this sword has dissipated, my diminutive friend."


Inside the chest, there's a velvet sack with 160sp, a silk pouch with four 100gp gemstones, and a silver jewelry box (worth 25gp) with a beautiful gold necklace in it (worth 250gp). Captain Morgan searches the chest for hidden compartments but finds nothing. He is quite surprised there isn't more loot in the room of a minor noblewoman.


The party take the money from the chest, and head downstairs to tell Morak that the keep is clear. Morak suggests that the party should split Lady Nadar's money with the townsfolk. Captain Morgan isn't comfortable with this. "These poor people had their livelihood wiped out, all of their family and friends are dead. We shouldn't steal from them. They don't even have any rum."


Morak tells them that actually, not very many people were killed in the goblin raid, that the majority of the surviving townsfolk were kidnapped and taken prisoner by the goblins. The goblins also carted away a bunch of the dead bodies, which makes the party quite uncomfortable. The best information that they have is that goblins are coming from a cave system that's in the hills, maybe 5-10 miles to the north. There's also an old ruined elven fortress to the northeast. The elves of Ardeep Forest live in the forest to the southeast maybe 2 miles away.


The party resolve to try and rescue the prisoners from the goblin camp. Morak says they're going to try to send a messenger south to Waterdeep and let them know what happened. They will try to rebuild the town as best they can, hoping another goblin attack doesn't happen. Kella says that she will stay with the townsfolk and help them put their town back together again. Captain Morgan thinks this is probably for the best, seeing as his Charm spell on her is going to start wearing off very soon…



It's now mid-morning. The party heads north out of the town, continuing along the forest road. Nivah finds the tracks of a large group, possibly 20 or 30 goblins, plus 20 or more humans. The track veers slightly to the west away from the road. After a few hours' travel, the tracks are starting to get a bit fresher, and as dusk approaches the group can see some smoke rising from what might be multiple campfires, maybe a quarter of a mile away. Captain Morgan climbs a tree to look out; he can see maybe four distinct fires, in what looks like a few clearings in the forest. There don't seem to be any caves nearby.


The party circles around to the west side of the tracks, with Nivah and Captain Morgan sneaking up ahead of the main group, about 40 feet in front. They think this should be far enough that Silas' armor clanking won't alert anyone. Crawling towards camp, Nivah and Captain Morgan can see dozens of figures moving around near campfires. As they get closer they start to make out a few goblins moving around on sentry duty, with some larger humanoids by the campfires; a handful of hobgoblins, and a couple of bugbears. As they get closer, they can make out a large gathering through the trees; at least a couple of dozen goblins, three or four hobgoblins, a couple of bugbears, a bunch of chained prisoners, five or six humans who aren't chained and have horses, and some kind of shadowy figure in a black robe. They can see some kind of parley going on between the shadowy figure and the hobgoblins, but they aren't close enough.


Nivah and Captain Morgan return to the group and let them know what they've seen.

Captain Morgan: "Let's take out the goblin sentries silently so we can get close enough to listen to the parley!"

Silas: "Wait, what's the worst case scenario here? You could pull down forty goblins on us!"

Tom: "I vote for murdering necromancers! But… this is more goblins than I've ever seen in one place together at once."


Siero reveals that he has some ability to mimic the shape of forest creatures, and he thinks he could get closer if he was to turn into a squirrel. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid at this newly discovered power, and everyone thinks it sounds like a great idea. Captain Morgan says he will steathily provide covering fire for Siero, and that he will make the sound of an owl hooting three times to alert the rest of the party if there is trouble. On the basis of this hasty plan, Captain Morgan and Siero sneak up to the goblin camp.


The goblins ignore Squirreliero as he clambers through the trees. They are speaking in the Goblin tongue, which none of the party understand, but it appears one of the humans has some smalls kill with it and is crudely negotiating. The figure in a dark robe is also involved, who appears to have a hobgoblin face, yet a skeletal hand protrudes from its sleeve. Squirreliero is close enough to determine that some kind of slave trade is being executed, both for live prisoners, and also there's a cart full of dead bodies with eight goblins guarding it. As he approaches, the humans give money to the goblins, and the dark-robed hobgoblin also gives money to the goblins. The transaction doesn’t go smoothly, he can hear the name "Hark" mentioned a few times, also the name "Komdor". The bugbears and humans get a bit aggressive and almost get into a fight, but eventually the transaction is complete.


As Squirreliero watches, the imprisoned townsfolk are divided up – two going to the hobgoblin with the skeletal hand, three going to the humans, and eight remaining with the main group of goblins. All of the groups make preparations to leave – the hobgoblin and his escort take the cart of dead bodies and their prisoners to the east, while the humans on horses lead their prisoners southwest. The large group of goblins starts to pack up camp.


Squirreliero scampers back to the group, comes out of squirrel form, and quickly explains what he's seeing. Faced with a choice, the party makes a snap decision to follow the humans on horseback and attempt to free the prisoners!

Captain Morgan's Log #3
1-3: Bridge of Traps

Session 3 – 11/15/16

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis – Late Afternoon


The party is gathered in the inn, debating what to do with the loot from the chest. Most people want to treat it as shared loot, but Captain Morgan insists on "dividing the plunder". They compromise on splitting up the coins but keeping the rest shared. Kella says the chest with the dwarven armor in it came from Morak Urgray's room – he is the proprietor of the inn. She doesn't know what happened to him.


The party debates where they should go next, and decide they should head towards the keep so they can find the leader of the town and maybe work out what's going on. Kella says she will come with them but only if she has her weapons back. Captain Morgan is still suspicious of her and doesn't want to, although Silas says "She's killed goblins, so she's all right in my book." Morgan: "So, will ye vouch for her, then?" Silas: "No…" Although Morgan is suspicious, the rest of the party want to give Kella her weapons back, so they do.



The party moves towards the far side of town where the keep is located. Between them and the keep there are several farms, and as they approach Captain Morgan hears the sound of rummaging coming from one of them. The party pauses to look around and can see two goblins wandering around in a wheat field behind the farm. Nivah sneaks up on them, but just as she approaches the farm and sees a third goblin inside through a window, she rolls a natural 1 on stealth and emits an involuntary "Yipe!". The goblin shrieks at her and attacks.


Round 1

Siero moves up to protect Nivah. The goblins in the wheat field run away behind the building, while the goblin in the building rushes at Nivah and tries to attack her through the window. But first, Siero uses his readied attack to flip up and club the goblin in the head, taking it down! Silas moves up through the wheat field looking for goblins but doesn't find any. Kella and Tom also move up and ready actions in case any goblins show up. Nivah tries to mantle through the window but can't make it through. Captain Morgan moves up to defend Tom in case any goblins show up.


Round 2

Siero helps Nivah get through the window, and then tries to get through himself but can't. Tom moves off to the side and discovers more goblins poking around near a windmill up on a hill. Back down by the farm, one of the hiding goblins peeks around the corner to check on Silas, just as he charges around and cuts off the unsuspecting goblin's head. Kella continues to move up cautiously with her hand crossbow drawn. Nivah looks around inside the building and discovers it is a trading post – goods are strewn everywhere, and the goblins have been ransacking it. She rifles through the dead goblin's backpack and finds a crowbar, some caltrops and an unknown vial of green liquid. Captain Morgan comes up behind the last remaining goblin and pricks him in the back with his sword, saying "Drop your weapon or I kill you!". He fails his Intimidation check, so the goblin doesn't surrender, but he does drop his weapon in surprise.


Round 3

Siero tries to sneak over towards the goblins by the windmill, but is spotted! Thomas conjures a spectral tentacle up from the ground, which chokes one of the windmill goblins to death. There are two goblins left on the hill and they shoot arrows at the party, but both miss by wide margins. Back down by the farm, the goblin who dropped his weapon picks it up and swings wildly at Captain Morgan, hitting with a nasty slash for 5 points of damage. Silas comes up behind this goblin and slashes right through him, almost cutting the goblin in half and dropping him to the ground. Kella moves up into cover and shoots her hand crossbow at the goblins but misses. Nivah braces herself in the doorway of the trading post and takes a shot with her longbow, but rolls a 1 and completely fumbles. Captain Morgan pours some rum into his wound, bandages it, and searches the dead goblins. He finds a live chicken, which he lets go, and a few copper pieces which he pockets.


Round 4

Siero moves up to hunker down behind a rock in the open field. Thomas conjures a spectral tentacle which grabs the arm of one of the goblin archers and hurts him, but he fires back at Thomas, as does his friend, and both of them hit for 9 points, dropping him to the turf in a cloud of profanity. Silas moves to Thomas and places his palm on his forehead, healing him for 5 points. Kella and Nivah both fire again but miss. Captain Morgan sprints over and slides into cover beside Siero.


Round 5

Siero creates a Minor Illusion of himself standing next to the rock to draw fire. Thomas stands up, and with a flurry of curses, sends another tentacle ripping out of the ground to thwack the wounded archer, dropping him. The last goblin bravely continues fighting, and ignores the illusion of Siero, instead sending another arrow at Thomas which misses. Kella fires again but misses, while Nivah finally has her range dialed in and hits the archer in the shoulder with an arrow for 4 points of damage. Captain Morgan mocks this goblin viciously, calling him a terrible archer that deserves to die, and he takes 2 points of psychic damage and is dizzied from the insult.


Round 6

Siero moves up towards the goblin and readies his defense. Thomas uses another tentacle, which erupts from the ground and fails to connect with the goblin. The goblin furiously shoots at Captain Morgan but his arrow bounces harmlessly off the rock that the Captain is hiding behind. Silas moves up to attack but misses. Kella runs up the hill to enter melee as well, drawing her shortsword. Just as they all close in on the last remaining goblin, Nivah takes an aimed shot from distance that takes him in the chest and he falls down dead.



Siero investigates the mound that the goblins were standing on and is delighted to discover that the building on top is a windmill. He is totally fascinated by the gears and ladders inside and clambers around investigating them. Silas loots the goblins and finds a total of 9 coppers.


Meanwhile, Captain Morgan uses his broken spyglass to look around the town for movement and doesn't see any. He approaches the guard post, intending to scout up top, but hears the sound of scampering inside. He motions to Silas to come over to help him and whispers that he's going to draw the goblins out – casting Minor Illusion to create the sound of a bunch of chickens squawking and flapping around.


Surprise Round

A goblin runs out of the door of the guard post, excited to grab chickens, but all he gets is a rapier and a longsword in the chest from Captain Morgan and Silas, and he crumples to the ground.


Round 1

Siero comes over to the door to help with goblins and readies his action. There is another goblin up in the guard tower, and it leans out to see what is going on, but it doesn't have a clear shot at the adventurers gathered around the door. Undeterred, it shoots at Kella, who is over by the windmill and not paying attention when an arrow hits her in the shoulder for 8 points of damage! She doesn't look that badly hurt, but she ducks behind the windmill. Silas clambers up the ladder inside the guard post and comes up behind the goblin, who is unprepared and takes a sword to the back for 5 points of damage. Captain Morgan acrobatically leaps up to the parapet, flips over it and puts his rapier in the goblin's face, shouting "Drop your weapon!!". The goblin is extremely scared and surrenders.


Morgan: "We're not going to help you. But you have to tell us everything."

Unnamed Goblin: "Friend friend."


Captain Morgan uses his broken spyglass to scout outside the town and is shocked to discover what appears to be a small band of seven or so humanoids approaching from the north. He and Silas take the captive goblin back down the ladder and into the trading post, which Nivah and Thomas have been searching. There are tons of adventuring supplies around, including a healer's kit which Siero takes. Captain Morgan takes six flasks of oil and some hunting traps and the party lays up a trap on the main drawbridge into town, then retreat to the two guard posts that flank the drawbridge.


The party attempts to take a short rest, but before they are done, they see the group of humanoids approaching. There are six smaller goblins who are being whipped and beaten along by a larger goblin behind them, who is wearing a chain shirt, and holding a shield and scimitar. Captain Morgan says to his goblin captive that he'll kill him if he yells, and lifts him up to see through the arrow slit. He says "Is that Boss Hark down there?" The goblin says "No Boss Hark." Thomas clocks him on the head and knocks him out so that he isn't a distraction during the fight.



The band of goblins approach and walk across the oil-soaked bridge. One of them sees shiny stuff on the ground and stops, motioning the others to stay behind him. As a result, they are all bunched up on the oil-soaked bridge when the party opens up on them.


Surprise Round

Nivah fires a flaming arrow down which misses the oil and just sits on the bridge idly burning. Captain Morgan lights a flask of oil and rolls a natural 1, throwing his flask of oil down into the water. Thomas strikes with the Hand of Jones at the large goblin, who is bound up with a tentacle and takes heavy damage.


Round 1

Captain Morgan is fed up with this failure of an ambush and uses a Thunderwave to blast the goblins with a mighty shout. Three of them fail their saves and are thrown off the bridge and killed. Two more make their saves and are wounded but stay on the bridge. Thomas conjures a tentacle which misses the large goblin. Siero readies an action to use against the goblins if any of them make it across the bridge. Nivah shoots at the large goblin but he takes it safely on his shield, and then charges across the bridge into the traps and caltrops. He manages to dodge all of the traps (!) and attacks Silas, missing once and then slicing him for 4 points of damage. Silas returns an attack but fails to penetrate his armor. The three other goblins run forward; one of them triggers a hunting trap which takes his leg clean off, killing him. Another stands on a caltrop and is wounded, and then gets clubbed in the face by an angry Siero.


Round 2

From his perch in the guard post, Captain Morgan shoots the last unwounded goblin in the head for 9 points, killing him instantly. Siero attacks the goblin leader but misses. Thomas uses Dissonant Whispers to infiltrate the mind of the goblin leader, singing an infernal sea shanty that drives him mad, doing 9 points of psychic damage and causing him to flee in blind panic. As he turns to run, Silas takes a mighty blow and takes his head clean off, ending the combat.



The goblins had 21 copper pieces in total, while the leader had 5 gold pieces and some kind of potion, in addition to his chain shirt and shield. The party kicks all of the dead goblins off the bridge and retire to the inn to regroup. They identify the potions they've found – the red potion from the goblin is a potion of healing (2d4 + 2 HP), the blue bubbling/steaming potion from the chest in the inn is a potion of heroism (10 temporary HP, plus the effect of a bless spell, for one hour), and the green potion from the trading post is alchemist's fire. They are quite annoyed that they didn't discover the alchemist's fire before the ambush!!


After much discussion of watch schedules, the party decides to rest in shifts so that they can always have one person awake in a guard post and one person awake in the inn, to watch over Kella because they still don't trust her motivations. They take an uneventful long rest in the inn overnight and all attain level 2.


Captain Morgan's Log #2
1-2: Gumgum

Session 2 – 10/11/16

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis – Early Afternoon


Our party are investigating the town of Nightstone which has been devastated by a mysterious attack. It is currently mid-afternoon, and the sun is starting to head toward the western horizon. The party decide they really need to figure out what happened here, and quickly.


The party heads out of the trashed temple where the bell was ringing. There are numerous buildings around the town, but no signs of life. Ahead of them is a large two-story building with a sign on the exterior that proclaims it to be the Nightstone Inn. While most of the party heads over to the inn, Captain Morgan investigates the large hole in the ground outside. He rolls a natural 1 on his Investigation check and concludes that "It's a hole".


Silas peers through the open double doors at the front of the inn. He can see a large dining room strewn with wreckage of tables and chairs. A rock has crashed in through the roof and second story. There's a dead goblin that seems to have been shot with a crossbow bolt. At the back of the room there are stairs that go up, and a door leads to the back of the building. Thomas listens and hears the sound of rummaging coming from the back of the inn. He steps back and motions Silas in.


Captain Morgan also enters the room, and he attempts to leap up and hang from the hole, but he rolls a natural 1 on his Acrobatics check, followed by another natural 1 (his third in a row!). He falls down and has the wind knocked out of him for 1 point of damage. Lying on the ground, he takes a swig of run while he considers the situation. Meanwhile, Nivah sneaks over to the door. She cracks it open a hair and listens – and everyone hears the sound of glass breaking and someone scrambling!


Surprise Round

Assuming that there is an intruder trying to escape out the rear windows, Captain Morgan and Thomas dash out the front of the inn and run in separate directions around the building. Silas strides forward, pushes Nivah to the side and kicks the door open. He discovers the inn's kitchen and pantry, which have been ransacked. All of the cupboards are open, and utensils and foodstuffs are strewn about. One corner of the room has been destroyed by a falling rock and is open to the outside. He can see two goblins trying to scramble out the window, and shouts for them to freeze. They are intimidated, but keep scrambling. Nivah tries to shoot an arrow in their clothing and pin them down, but barely misses.


Round 1

Thomas comes around the corner of the building to discover one goblin halfway out of the window. He reaches out and grabs it with a watery tentacle, yanking it out the window and squishing him for a grisly 13 points of damage. The goblin's head is violently separated from his body. Captain Morgan sprints around the corner to see a squished headless goblin lying on the ground next to him. "Not again!", he groans, and takes another drink of run.


Inside the inn, Siero approaches defensively and says "My friend controls the ghosts…" as a warning. The goblin isn't intimidated and climbs out the window, past Thomas and Captain Morgan, and runs away west towards a nearby watchtower. Two arrows shoot from this watchtower, one of them striking Thomas with a grievous wound. He cries out in pain, "I'm hit, boys! Come for me!". Silas moves through the kitchen and out through the hole in the wall, clambering over where the rock is, to shield Thomas. Nivah breaks open a window and shoots through it at the goblins in the watchtower, but they are in cover and the arrow hits the parapet they are hiding behind.


Round 2

Thomas uses the hand of Jones to attack the running goblin but misses, then takes cover behind the crypt. Captain Morgan sprints after the disappearing goblin, but isn't quite able to catch him. Siero climbs through the window that Nivah broke open, scurries to Thomas' side and heals him partially for 3 points.


The goblin who was running away feels emboldened by the presence of his archer friends and turns to attack the Captain, but fails. The archers also shoot at Captain Morgan, who dodges, and Silas who bounces the arrow off his shield. Silas moves up and tries to knock out the goblin runner with the flat of his sword, cracking him a solid blow on the temple, but he's still upright. Nivah moves up to next to the crypt and takes an aimed shot, taking out one of the goblin archers with an arrow to the eye. The archer flies back and lies staring up at the sky.


Round 3

Thomas steps out from behind the crypt, uses the hand of Jones to attack the remaining goblin archer for 5 points, then steps back. Captain Morgan clonks the stunned goblin on the head with the pommel of his rapier, and he drops like a sack of wheat. Siero sprints into the watchtower, opening the door, and starts climbing up the ladder. The last goblin archer, seeing one of his friends incapacitated and the other dead, throws his bow out of the watchtower and cowers in the corner. Silas also enters the watchtower and climbs to the top of the ladder.


Round 4

Captain Morgan uses his sailor's knot-tying expertise to bind the goblin that he captured with a rope. Siero climbs up and tries to soothe the goblin archer, but his diplomacy skills are better suited to forest animals, and winds up screeching and grunting at the goblin. This freaks out the goblin so much that he draws his scimitar and attacks Silas with a panicked swing, doing 4 points of damage through a weak point in his armor. Silas is enraged by this, and swings back, but the goblin dodges. Nivah loots the goblin runner and finds some cooking utensils and food but nothing else of interest.


Round 5

Captain Morgan feeds the incapacitated goblin some rum to wake him up, and uses Persuasion to try and calm him down. Meanwhile, Siero uses his Shillelagh to club the remaining archer and kills him.


After the combat is concluded, Captain Morgan tries to interrogate the goblin in Common, with limited success.

"What's your name, little feller?"


"We're going to let you go, and you can keep your loot."

"Gumgum cheese?"

"Yes, cheese. Tell us everything you saw here today."

"Gumgum boss… Hark!"

"Where… is Hark?"

"Hark boss. Big cave." <Gumgum indicates to the north.>

"Rocks. What happened? Rock fall?"

"Rock! Rock fall!"


Thomas is frustrated with the progress of the interrogation, and tries to intimidate Gumgum by whispering telepathically to him in his mind. This makes Gumgum very freaked out and all he will say is "Boss Hark. Cave. North!"


Meanwhile, Silas and Siero loot the bodies. Siero clambers down out of the watchtower carrying some arrows, and wearing a leather goblin skullcap that slips down over his eyes. He gives the arrows to Nivah.


The party free Gumgum's feet so that he can walk, and he leads the party back to the inn. They retrieve his loot sack, which just has random food stuffs and some junk – a cooked chicken, a cracked hourglass, two flasks of oil, and some cooking herbs. Captain Morgan takes one of the flasks of oil, which makes Gumgum mad, but he deals with it after realizing that he's surrounded by heavily armed adventurers.


Captain Morgan starts searching the pantry for liquor. Silas and Thomas head upstairs in the inn to investigate the private rooms. Silas finds an empty room with a desk, wardrobe, etc, while Thomas enters the destroyed room that the rock plunged through. He discovers a human woman in the room, hiding in the shadows. She says her name is Kella Darkhope, and that she was knocked unconscious during the attack and just woke up recently; she has a scalp wound to confirm her story. Siero notices that she has a flying snake wrapped around her arm – maybe it's some kind of familiar? Siero gets really excited and starts trying to talk to the snake, and examining Kella's wound. Kella tries to interpose her body and keep the snake away from him while he tends to her. Silas is suspicious of Kella, and says they should all go downstairs.


Captain Morgan has found a bottle of whisky in the pantry, and set up a table and chairs in the dining room so that he can have a quick drink. The party regroup and learn more about Kella. She is a travelling monk of Lathander, and arrived in town about a day ago to worship at the temple. She claims not to know what happened, because she was knocked out while she was sleeping – although Siero is suspicious because her injuries aren't completely consistent with her story. On a hunch, Nivah goes to the dead goblin with the crossbow bolt and identifies that the bolt has grey feathered fletching that matches Kella's crossbow. When confronted with this, Kella admits that she shot the goblin right before the party got there, but says she really did wake up only a few minutes earlier. Captain Morgan uses Insight and decides he doesn’t trust her. He asks Kella to give up her weapons until they can confirm her story further.


Kella, Gumgum and the party all go outside. Kella recognizes the hole in the ground and says "Oh my God the Nightstone is missing!". She says the Nightstone was a huge shard of obsidian that was in the middle of town, and gave the town its name. The party are becoming openly distrustful of Kella. She says she has no reason to stay in town now and wants to leave at the nearest opportunity. Captain Morgan says nobody should be caught on the roads at night with goblins in the area, so he thinks she should stay the night in town with them. She replies "Suuure, I can watch over you while you sleep." Nobody thinks this is a good idea. Siero is becoming confused and frustrated at the deception, which he doesn't understand at all.


Thomas and Siero realize that they haven't finished searching the remaining two rooms upstairs, so they remain at the inn while the rest of the party goes to the stables. The rest of the party goes to the stables. The stable has a sign that says "The Nadars of Nightstone" over the door. Inside it has a dirt floor, with six stalls containing five draft horses. The horses look as though they have been pretty spooked by the attack, but are now starting to calm down. There's a bunch of riding tack on the walls. Towards the back of the stables, there are two ladders that lead up to a loft. As the party enters, an arrow comes down and strikes Silas in the shoulder, hurting him badly for 5 points!


Round 1

Kella and Gumgum take cover outside the stables. The goblin in the loft is hunkered down in cover behind a hay bale. He fires another arrow down at Silas that misses. Silas moves in and takes cover under the loft. Nivah shoots at the goblin but hits the hay bale instead. Captain Morgan tells a dirty limerick, invoking Tasha's Hideous Laughter upon the weak-willed goblin, which falls to the ground shrieking in hilarity.


Round 2

The goblin is still laughing. Silas moves up the ladder and attacks him, but even though the goblin is prone and incapacitated the wound to the shoulder doesn't kill him. Captain Morgan moves over to the loft and use Acrobatics to leap and grab onto the hayloft.


Round 3

The goblin stops laughing and tries to get up. Silas swings at him but misses. Nivah shoots an arrow at the wounded goblin, who is now out of cover. She hits him in the back and kills him. Gumgum cries out "Derp!!" in grief at seeing his friend killed.


After combat, while Silas searches the bodies, Captain Morgan and Nivah feel bad for Gumgum. They give him his sack of food and let him go. He runs out over the drawbridge. Silas finds that the goblin was carrying a sack, with nothing of value in it besides a small box. The box has the crest of the Lionshield Coster on it, and it contains ten silvered darts.


The party regroups at the inn. Captain Morgan tries to use his charm on Kella by offering her a drink. Thomas has found a locked chest upstairs but he and Siero have been unable to open it. Nivah tries to pick the lock of the chest but fails. Frustrated, Silas kicks the chest out of the hole, and it falls into the dining room, crashes into the ground and pops open. Inside, there is a set of dwarven chainmail, a helmet inscribed with dwarven runes, a leather bag with 45gp, 2x 100gp gemstones, and a potion. The party takes a short rest to heal.


Captain Morgan's Log #1
1-1: Nightstone

Cast of Characters

Nivah – a young elf with a troubled background, seeking revenge for the destruction of her village [Elf Ranger 1]

Thomas "Old Tom" Whatley – an ancient mariner, touched by the voice of the Great Old One, Davy Jones [Human Warlock 1]

Captain Morgan Kane – privateer, diplomat, adventurer, and raconteur [Half-Sirene Bard 1]

Siero – an inscrutable fey sprite of the forest [Forest Gnome Druid 1]

Silas – a seafaring warrior seeking revenge on the pirates who marooned his company [Half-Elf Paladin 1]


Session 1 – 9/27/16

Campaign Day 1 – 16th Eleasis

It is the 16th day of Eleasis, the eight month of the year, and the last few days of summer are drawing to a close. For days, the taverns of the Sword Coast have been filled with rumors about recent events in the small town of Nightstone. Lady Valrosa Nadar, the lady of the town, has put out a call for adventurers to help her mediate a long-standing conflict with the elves of Ardeep Forest. There has also been an uptick in goblin raids against outlying areas. Lastly, the dwarven proprietor Morak Urdray of the Nightstone Inn has put out a call for brave adventurers to seek their fortune in the area.

Our story begins at the South Gate of Waterdeep, where a group of travelers are heading south out of the city along the Trade Way.

  • Thomas is heading to Nightstone because he senses that Davy Jones has a plan for him, and it is where he needs to be.
  • Captain Morgan is leaving town one step ahead of his debtors, and figures that Lady Valrosa might be interested in his services as diplomat-for-hire.
  • Silas is systematically visiting all of the towns in this area of the Sword Coast looking for information and contacts that could lead him one step closer to finding the pirates who attacked his squad and stole his sword. He also is interested in serving justice in the talks with the elves.
  • Nivah is heading to Ardeep Forest to speak with the elves and see if she can find out anything about the whereabouts of her sister, who has been missing for <?? years> since the attack that razed her village.

As they get further from Waterdeep, traffic on the Trade Way thins out and the travelers gather together for security; the roads of the Sword Coast can be dangerous for the unwary. Siero the gnome emerges from the wilds and decides that Nivah looks interesting and that he is going to follow her.

As night falls the group are about 20 miles south of Waterdeep, and they make camp together off to the side of the road.

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis

The group are greeted the next morning by a bright and sunny day, with scattered high clouds. There is a hint of a chill in the air as fall approaches. They break camp and continue south for ten more miles, then head inland on the High Road to Nightstone. This road is much less traveled and it quickly heads into a light forest.

After a few hours' travel the road crosses over a high point and the forest thins out, providing a clear view of the horizon. With her keen elvish eyes, Nivah spots a cloud that appears to be moving east, counter to the prevailing northerly wind. Siero also sees it, and is fascinated, stating, "We need to go to there." After a few moments of study Nivah can see what appears to be a tower or castle on top of this cloud, and some kind of dark object suspended by chains underneath it. Thomas thinks it may be a cloud giant castle, although such a sighting would be very unusual in recent memory. Based on its apparent motion, it is possible that the cloud might be travelling away from Nightstone. The group watches the travelling cloud for a few minutes, but it's moving much faster than they can, and there is no way to catch up with it.

They decide to continue on towards Nightstone, which is about five miles away. As they approach through the forest, they can hear a bell ringing loudly and insistently. The forest opens up to reveal a scene of devastation – the town is surrounded by a moat, and a wooden palisade that has several holes knocked in it, and there is a small stone keep whose walls are partially collapsed. There is no sign of life other than the incessantly ringing bell. The group cautiously approaches over the drawbridge, seeing some large rocks, 3-4 feet diameter, that have been embedded in the ground. Captain Morgan climbs up onto a watchtower and scouts using his broken spyglass. There is a small temple building that is the source of the bell, a stables, some farmland, and a few other buildings. He looks at the keep, which is several hundred feet away, and can't make out any people, however dust is rising from the ruins which indicates that the collapse was fairly recent. He sees a few large wolves worrying at some kind of carcass over near the stables. Siero finds a large rock near the temple that appears to have been thrown and which has crushed somebody under it. Several others of the group move with him into the large open courtyard area.

While the party is investigating the courtyard, the wolves become aware of them, and they turn to approach. Siero identifies them as wargs. They appear threatening with their hackles raised, and they rush forward with fangs bared!

Round 1:

The wargs are about 40 feet away from the group. Thomas opens the fight by summoning a spectral tentacle that emerges from a watery portal to wrap around the lead warg! Everyone reacts with a bit of leeriness to this development. Siero casts Shillelagh, moves up to take cover behind a rock, and readies to assault the wargs as they approach. Nivah draws her longbow and takes an aimed shot at the injured warg, critically wounding it with an arrow for 12 points. Both wargs attack Siero but his small size proves difficult for them to deal with. Captain Morgan runs to the gnome's aid, shouting words of inspiration and mocking the warg viciously, but it resists. Silas moves up and slashes the wounded warg.

Round 2:

The Hand of Jones grasps at the warg again and it yelps in pain, but Old Tom isn't quite able to snuff it out. Nivah's second arrow finds purchase in the warg's side, and it drops to the ground. Siero leaps out from behind the rock to assault the other warg, slamming it with his shillelagh and stunning it so it misses its attack. Captain Morgan and Silas both step up and skewer the warg from both sides, for 11 points each, ending it decisively.

Captain Morgan searches the wargs for evidence of domestication, but doesn't find anything. He starts prizing free their canines as a trophy, which will take some time. Siero and Silas approach the temple, recognizing it as dedicated to Mielikki and Lathander. It has several beautiful stained glass windows, with imagery of unicorns, sunlight and nature. Inside, the furnishings have been trashed. The group cautiously advances into the sleeping quarters of the clergy, discovering a tossed bed, overturned chests and personal effects all over the place. At the far side of the room, there is a rope pull for the bell, with two goblins hanging and bouncing from it! They hiss, draw weapons and attack.

Round 1:

Old Tom once again gets the jump on the baddies, lashing out with a tentacle that begins sucking the life from the heart of one of the gobbos. Hearing combat, Captain Morgan finishes his grisly work and runs towards the temple (looking for a stained glass window to vault through, but finding none suitable), shouting to keep the goblins alive so they can be questioned. Nivah tries to shoot an arrow through the cramped quarters but rolls a 1 and hits Tom in the shoulder. Siero rushes in but misses; Silas charges in and decimates the other goblin. The remaining wounded goblin is horrified, screaming "Beedo!" and slashing at the gnome, resulting in a deep cut for 5 points.

Round 2:

Tom, disgusted, crushes the life from the goblin's tiny body.

The party quickly examines the sad remains of the goblins. They left a couple of loot sacks behind; Siero goes through them looking for shiny things. He finds three blocks of incense (5gp each), a silver holy symbol of Mielikki shaped like a unicorn (25gp), three empty vials, and a poor wooden box containing 37cp and 15sp. Silas offers to carry the sacks as he has plenty of strength to carry loot.


The path to Nightstone
An unlikely meeting

On the modern calendar of 27 September, the soon-to-be-heroes take the road to Nightstone. 

Along the way a small keep floating on a cloud heads away from the party to the north.  The sharp eyes of Nivah notice a large black shard hanging below the keep.  Seiro was anxious to see where that keep upon a cloud might be heading, but the party was on foot, and had no chance to keep pace with the fast moving cloud.  The keep eventually was lost into the distance and the cloud cover, so the party went on with its plan to get to Nightstone.

Once there they noticed no movement around the town, and aside from a loud bell ringing there was no sign of life.  As they moved across the drawbridge and into the center square they noticed large rocks slammed into the ground around them.  The bloody foot of one unlucky soul stuck out from under one of the nearby rocks.  And the bell kept ringing.

Before they got far into the town they noticed two large Worgs were feasting on a corpse.  It did not take long before the Worgs grew tired of their meal and decided to add some new flavors to it.  The battle was short, and the Worgs were unable to add any new flavors to their last meal.  And the bell kept ringing.

Finally they moved into the small temple to find what was ringing the bell and found two goblins, Beedo and Vark, gleefully swinging on the rope leading to the bell.  The heroes found not amusement in the swinging and murdered the hapless Goblins in a fit of butchery. 

Nightstone has barely been touched by the party, and there are many more sights to be seen.  But the bell has stopped ringing.

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