Tales of the Sword Coast

Captain Morgan's Log #1

1-1: Nightstone

Cast of Characters

Nivah – a young elf with a troubled background, seeking revenge for the destruction of her village [Elf Ranger 1]

Thomas "Old Tom" Whatley – an ancient mariner, touched by the voice of the Great Old One, Davy Jones [Human Warlock 1]

Captain Morgan Kane – privateer, diplomat, adventurer, and raconteur [Half-Sirene Bard 1]

Siero – an inscrutable fey sprite of the forest [Forest Gnome Druid 1]

Silas – a seafaring warrior seeking revenge on the pirates who marooned his company [Half-Elf Paladin 1]


Session 1 – 9/27/16

Campaign Day 1 – 16th Eleasis

It is the 16th day of Eleasis, the eight month of the year, and the last few days of summer are drawing to a close. For days, the taverns of the Sword Coast have been filled with rumors about recent events in the small town of Nightstone. Lady Valrosa Nadar, the lady of the town, has put out a call for adventurers to help her mediate a long-standing conflict with the elves of Ardeep Forest. There has also been an uptick in goblin raids against outlying areas. Lastly, the dwarven proprietor Morak Urdray of the Nightstone Inn has put out a call for brave adventurers to seek their fortune in the area.

Our story begins at the South Gate of Waterdeep, where a group of travelers are heading south out of the city along the Trade Way.

  • Thomas is heading to Nightstone because he senses that Davy Jones has a plan for him, and it is where he needs to be.
  • Captain Morgan is leaving town one step ahead of his debtors, and figures that Lady Valrosa might be interested in his services as diplomat-for-hire.
  • Silas is systematically visiting all of the towns in this area of the Sword Coast looking for information and contacts that could lead him one step closer to finding the pirates who attacked his squad and stole his sword. He also is interested in serving justice in the talks with the elves.
  • Nivah is heading to Ardeep Forest to speak with the elves and see if she can find out anything about the whereabouts of her sister, who has been missing for <?? years> since the attack that razed her village.

As they get further from Waterdeep, traffic on the Trade Way thins out and the travelers gather together for security; the roads of the Sword Coast can be dangerous for the unwary. Siero the gnome emerges from the wilds and decides that Nivah looks interesting and that he is going to follow her.

As night falls the group are about 20 miles south of Waterdeep, and they make camp together off to the side of the road.

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis

The group are greeted the next morning by a bright and sunny day, with scattered high clouds. There is a hint of a chill in the air as fall approaches. They break camp and continue south for ten more miles, then head inland on the High Road to Nightstone. This road is much less traveled and it quickly heads into a light forest.

After a few hours' travel the road crosses over a high point and the forest thins out, providing a clear view of the horizon. With her keen elvish eyes, Nivah spots a cloud that appears to be moving east, counter to the prevailing northerly wind. Siero also sees it, and is fascinated, stating, "We need to go to there." After a few moments of study Nivah can see what appears to be a tower or castle on top of this cloud, and some kind of dark object suspended by chains underneath it. Thomas thinks it may be a cloud giant castle, although such a sighting would be very unusual in recent memory. Based on its apparent motion, it is possible that the cloud might be travelling away from Nightstone. The group watches the travelling cloud for a few minutes, but it's moving much faster than they can, and there is no way to catch up with it.

They decide to continue on towards Nightstone, which is about five miles away. As they approach through the forest, they can hear a bell ringing loudly and insistently. The forest opens up to reveal a scene of devastation – the town is surrounded by a moat, and a wooden palisade that has several holes knocked in it, and there is a small stone keep whose walls are partially collapsed. There is no sign of life other than the incessantly ringing bell. The group cautiously approaches over the drawbridge, seeing some large rocks, 3-4 feet diameter, that have been embedded in the ground. Captain Morgan climbs up onto a watchtower and scouts using his broken spyglass. There is a small temple building that is the source of the bell, a stables, some farmland, and a few other buildings. He looks at the keep, which is several hundred feet away, and can't make out any people, however dust is rising from the ruins which indicates that the collapse was fairly recent. He sees a few large wolves worrying at some kind of carcass over near the stables. Siero finds a large rock near the temple that appears to have been thrown and which has crushed somebody under it. Several others of the group move with him into the large open courtyard area.

While the party is investigating the courtyard, the wolves become aware of them, and they turn to approach. Siero identifies them as wargs. They appear threatening with their hackles raised, and they rush forward with fangs bared!

Round 1:

The wargs are about 40 feet away from the group. Thomas opens the fight by summoning a spectral tentacle that emerges from a watery portal to wrap around the lead warg! Everyone reacts with a bit of leeriness to this development. Siero casts Shillelagh, moves up to take cover behind a rock, and readies to assault the wargs as they approach. Nivah draws her longbow and takes an aimed shot at the injured warg, critically wounding it with an arrow for 12 points. Both wargs attack Siero but his small size proves difficult for them to deal with. Captain Morgan runs to the gnome's aid, shouting words of inspiration and mocking the warg viciously, but it resists. Silas moves up and slashes the wounded warg.

Round 2:

The Hand of Jones grasps at the warg again and it yelps in pain, but Old Tom isn't quite able to snuff it out. Nivah's second arrow finds purchase in the warg's side, and it drops to the ground. Siero leaps out from behind the rock to assault the other warg, slamming it with his shillelagh and stunning it so it misses its attack. Captain Morgan and Silas both step up and skewer the warg from both sides, for 11 points each, ending it decisively.

Captain Morgan searches the wargs for evidence of domestication, but doesn't find anything. He starts prizing free their canines as a trophy, which will take some time. Siero and Silas approach the temple, recognizing it as dedicated to Mielikki and Lathander. It has several beautiful stained glass windows, with imagery of unicorns, sunlight and nature. Inside, the furnishings have been trashed. The group cautiously advances into the sleeping quarters of the clergy, discovering a tossed bed, overturned chests and personal effects all over the place. At the far side of the room, there is a rope pull for the bell, with two goblins hanging and bouncing from it! They hiss, draw weapons and attack.

Round 1:

Old Tom once again gets the jump on the baddies, lashing out with a tentacle that begins sucking the life from the heart of one of the gobbos. Hearing combat, Captain Morgan finishes his grisly work and runs towards the temple (looking for a stained glass window to vault through, but finding none suitable), shouting to keep the goblins alive so they can be questioned. Nivah tries to shoot an arrow through the cramped quarters but rolls a 1 and hits Tom in the shoulder. Siero rushes in but misses; Silas charges in and decimates the other goblin. The remaining wounded goblin is horrified, screaming "Beedo!" and slashing at the gnome, resulting in a deep cut for 5 points.

Round 2:

Tom, disgusted, crushes the life from the goblin's tiny body.

The party quickly examines the sad remains of the goblins. They left a couple of loot sacks behind; Siero goes through them looking for shiny things. He finds three blocks of incense (5gp each), a silver holy symbol of Mielikki shaped like a unicorn (25gp), three empty vials, and a poor wooden box containing 37cp and 15sp. Silas offers to carry the sacks as he has plenty of strength to carry loot.




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