Tales of the Sword Coast

Captain Morgan's Log #3

1-3: Bridge of Traps

Session 3 – 11/15/16

Campaign Day 2 – 17th Eleasis – Late Afternoon


The party is gathered in the inn, debating what to do with the loot from the chest. Most people want to treat it as shared loot, but Captain Morgan insists on "dividing the plunder". They compromise on splitting up the coins but keeping the rest shared. Kella says the chest with the dwarven armor in it came from Morak Urgray's room – he is the proprietor of the inn. She doesn't know what happened to him.


The party debates where they should go next, and decide they should head towards the keep so they can find the leader of the town and maybe work out what's going on. Kella says she will come with them but only if she has her weapons back. Captain Morgan is still suspicious of her and doesn't want to, although Silas says "She's killed goblins, so she's all right in my book." Morgan: "So, will ye vouch for her, then?" Silas: "No…" Although Morgan is suspicious, the rest of the party want to give Kella her weapons back, so they do.



The party moves towards the far side of town where the keep is located. Between them and the keep there are several farms, and as they approach Captain Morgan hears the sound of rummaging coming from one of them. The party pauses to look around and can see two goblins wandering around in a wheat field behind the farm. Nivah sneaks up on them, but just as she approaches the farm and sees a third goblin inside through a window, she rolls a natural 1 on stealth and emits an involuntary "Yipe!". The goblin shrieks at her and attacks.


Round 1

Siero moves up to protect Nivah. The goblins in the wheat field run away behind the building, while the goblin in the building rushes at Nivah and tries to attack her through the window. But first, Siero uses his readied attack to flip up and club the goblin in the head, taking it down! Silas moves up through the wheat field looking for goblins but doesn't find any. Kella and Tom also move up and ready actions in case any goblins show up. Nivah tries to mantle through the window but can't make it through. Captain Morgan moves up to defend Tom in case any goblins show up.


Round 2

Siero helps Nivah get through the window, and then tries to get through himself but can't. Tom moves off to the side and discovers more goblins poking around near a windmill up on a hill. Back down by the farm, one of the hiding goblins peeks around the corner to check on Silas, just as he charges around and cuts off the unsuspecting goblin's head. Kella continues to move up cautiously with her hand crossbow drawn. Nivah looks around inside the building and discovers it is a trading post – goods are strewn everywhere, and the goblins have been ransacking it. She rifles through the dead goblin's backpack and finds a crowbar, some caltrops and an unknown vial of green liquid. Captain Morgan comes up behind the last remaining goblin and pricks him in the back with his sword, saying "Drop your weapon or I kill you!". He fails his Intimidation check, so the goblin doesn't surrender, but he does drop his weapon in surprise.


Round 3

Siero tries to sneak over towards the goblins by the windmill, but is spotted! Thomas conjures a spectral tentacle up from the ground, which chokes one of the windmill goblins to death. There are two goblins left on the hill and they shoot arrows at the party, but both miss by wide margins. Back down by the farm, the goblin who dropped his weapon picks it up and swings wildly at Captain Morgan, hitting with a nasty slash for 5 points of damage. Silas comes up behind this goblin and slashes right through him, almost cutting the goblin in half and dropping him to the ground. Kella moves up into cover and shoots her hand crossbow at the goblins but misses. Nivah braces herself in the doorway of the trading post and takes a shot with her longbow, but rolls a 1 and completely fumbles. Captain Morgan pours some rum into his wound, bandages it, and searches the dead goblins. He finds a live chicken, which he lets go, and a few copper pieces which he pockets.


Round 4

Siero moves up to hunker down behind a rock in the open field. Thomas conjures a spectral tentacle which grabs the arm of one of the goblin archers and hurts him, but he fires back at Thomas, as does his friend, and both of them hit for 9 points, dropping him to the turf in a cloud of profanity. Silas moves to Thomas and places his palm on his forehead, healing him for 5 points. Kella and Nivah both fire again but miss. Captain Morgan sprints over and slides into cover beside Siero.


Round 5

Siero creates a Minor Illusion of himself standing next to the rock to draw fire. Thomas stands up, and with a flurry of curses, sends another tentacle ripping out of the ground to thwack the wounded archer, dropping him. The last goblin bravely continues fighting, and ignores the illusion of Siero, instead sending another arrow at Thomas which misses. Kella fires again but misses, while Nivah finally has her range dialed in and hits the archer in the shoulder with an arrow for 4 points of damage. Captain Morgan mocks this goblin viciously, calling him a terrible archer that deserves to die, and he takes 2 points of psychic damage and is dizzied from the insult.


Round 6

Siero moves up towards the goblin and readies his defense. Thomas uses another tentacle, which erupts from the ground and fails to connect with the goblin. The goblin furiously shoots at Captain Morgan but his arrow bounces harmlessly off the rock that the Captain is hiding behind. Silas moves up to attack but misses. Kella runs up the hill to enter melee as well, drawing her shortsword. Just as they all close in on the last remaining goblin, Nivah takes an aimed shot from distance that takes him in the chest and he falls down dead.



Siero investigates the mound that the goblins were standing on and is delighted to discover that the building on top is a windmill. He is totally fascinated by the gears and ladders inside and clambers around investigating them. Silas loots the goblins and finds a total of 9 coppers.


Meanwhile, Captain Morgan uses his broken spyglass to look around the town for movement and doesn't see any. He approaches the guard post, intending to scout up top, but hears the sound of scampering inside. He motions to Silas to come over to help him and whispers that he's going to draw the goblins out – casting Minor Illusion to create the sound of a bunch of chickens squawking and flapping around.


Surprise Round

A goblin runs out of the door of the guard post, excited to grab chickens, but all he gets is a rapier and a longsword in the chest from Captain Morgan and Silas, and he crumples to the ground.


Round 1

Siero comes over to the door to help with goblins and readies his action. There is another goblin up in the guard tower, and it leans out to see what is going on, but it doesn't have a clear shot at the adventurers gathered around the door. Undeterred, it shoots at Kella, who is over by the windmill and not paying attention when an arrow hits her in the shoulder for 8 points of damage! She doesn't look that badly hurt, but she ducks behind the windmill. Silas clambers up the ladder inside the guard post and comes up behind the goblin, who is unprepared and takes a sword to the back for 5 points of damage. Captain Morgan acrobatically leaps up to the parapet, flips over it and puts his rapier in the goblin's face, shouting "Drop your weapon!!". The goblin is extremely scared and surrenders.


Morgan: "We're not going to help you. But you have to tell us everything."

Unnamed Goblin: "Friend friend."


Captain Morgan uses his broken spyglass to scout outside the town and is shocked to discover what appears to be a small band of seven or so humanoids approaching from the north. He and Silas take the captive goblin back down the ladder and into the trading post, which Nivah and Thomas have been searching. There are tons of adventuring supplies around, including a healer's kit which Siero takes. Captain Morgan takes six flasks of oil and some hunting traps and the party lays up a trap on the main drawbridge into town, then retreat to the two guard posts that flank the drawbridge.


The party attempts to take a short rest, but before they are done, they see the group of humanoids approaching. There are six smaller goblins who are being whipped and beaten along by a larger goblin behind them, who is wearing a chain shirt, and holding a shield and scimitar. Captain Morgan says to his goblin captive that he'll kill him if he yells, and lifts him up to see through the arrow slit. He says "Is that Boss Hark down there?" The goblin says "No Boss Hark." Thomas clocks him on the head and knocks him out so that he isn't a distraction during the fight.



The band of goblins approach and walk across the oil-soaked bridge. One of them sees shiny stuff on the ground and stops, motioning the others to stay behind him. As a result, they are all bunched up on the oil-soaked bridge when the party opens up on them.


Surprise Round

Nivah fires a flaming arrow down which misses the oil and just sits on the bridge idly burning. Captain Morgan lights a flask of oil and rolls a natural 1, throwing his flask of oil down into the water. Thomas strikes with the Hand of Jones at the large goblin, who is bound up with a tentacle and takes heavy damage.


Round 1

Captain Morgan is fed up with this failure of an ambush and uses a Thunderwave to blast the goblins with a mighty shout. Three of them fail their saves and are thrown off the bridge and killed. Two more make their saves and are wounded but stay on the bridge. Thomas conjures a tentacle which misses the large goblin. Siero readies an action to use against the goblins if any of them make it across the bridge. Nivah shoots at the large goblin but he takes it safely on his shield, and then charges across the bridge into the traps and caltrops. He manages to dodge all of the traps (!) and attacks Silas, missing once and then slicing him for 4 points of damage. Silas returns an attack but fails to penetrate his armor. The three other goblins run forward; one of them triggers a hunting trap which takes his leg clean off, killing him. Another stands on a caltrop and is wounded, and then gets clubbed in the face by an angry Siero.


Round 2

From his perch in the guard post, Captain Morgan shoots the last unwounded goblin in the head for 9 points, killing him instantly. Siero attacks the goblin leader but misses. Thomas uses Dissonant Whispers to infiltrate the mind of the goblin leader, singing an infernal sea shanty that drives him mad, doing 9 points of psychic damage and causing him to flee in blind panic. As he turns to run, Silas takes a mighty blow and takes his head clean off, ending the combat.



The goblins had 21 copper pieces in total, while the leader had 5 gold pieces and some kind of potion, in addition to his chain shirt and shield. The party kicks all of the dead goblins off the bridge and retire to the inn to regroup. They identify the potions they've found – the red potion from the goblin is a potion of healing (2d4 + 2 HP), the blue bubbling/steaming potion from the chest in the inn is a potion of heroism (10 temporary HP, plus the effect of a bless spell, for one hour), and the green potion from the trading post is alchemist's fire. They are quite annoyed that they didn't discover the alchemist's fire before the ambush!!


After much discussion of watch schedules, the party decides to rest in shifts so that they can always have one person awake in a guard post and one person awake in the inn, to watch over Kella because they still don't trust her motivations. They take an uneventful long rest in the inn overnight and all attain level 2.




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